Glitter Info

We sell polyester glitter.
Polyester glitter is the only type of glitter we sell. It is solvent resistant & very versatile! It can be mixed into things without bleeding & holds up much better with higher heat/UV exposure which makes it great for all projects & crafts. There are so many gorgeous colors & types that really sparkle!
Weight vs. Volume
All our glitters & powders are measured by WEIGHT not volume. The weight is listed in the description of each item on the website. Since we measure by weight, each type of glitter will fall & fill each shaker, differently. The perfect example of is the age old question of “which weighs more? A pound of feathers or a pound of bricks?" Of course, they weigh the same but a pound of bricks is more dense than a pound of feathers.

Lush Glitter Info

Holographic: Beautiful glitter in both ultrafine and chunky sizes.  This glitter is stunning with a rainbow shimmer effect at different angles.

Metallic: Single solid glitters that come in ultrafine and chunky sizes.  These glitters are made of only one color.

Opal/Cheat Glitters:  Also called iridescent or color shifting glitters they are semi transparent. Gorgeous sparkling glitter that creates a beautiful effect depending on the base colors.

Color shift: Available in ultrafine & chunky colors. These will look different colors from different angles.